The V-Guide

U.S. Patent #9546046B2

The V-Guide Conveyor Tracking Solution secures and stabilizes all standard CEMA rollers & belt sizes. With circular plates used to trap the edges of the belts, and high quality bearing rollers, the V-Guide increases conveyor belt stability as well as extending belt life.

✓   Trough and return configurations
✓   Designed for standard CEMA class B through E
✓   Customizable for specific applications
✓   Easy installation
✓   Extreme durability under all weather conditions
✓   Optional adjustable installation bracketry for return assemblies

Every year companies spend millions of dollars on costly repairs and downtime due to belt failure. When a belt off tracks, it can severely damage your conveyor system, the belt, itself, or both.

Why the V-Guide?

  • Decreased downtime
  • Saves on replacement belts
  • Saves cost of splicing belts
  • Increased safety
  • Capitol investment savings
  • Labor costs “everything”
  • Proven in production
  • Durable
  • Increased belt longevity
  • Low maintenance
  • Eliminates belt rips and tears
  • Belts run straight
  • No steering
  • No off-tracking
  • No spillage or lost material
  • Eliminates cleanup time
  • Avoids Frame and component damage
  • Increases idler and component life

The V-Guide Conveyor Tracking Solutions